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The comic "Confrontation: Red Terror" depicts the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Bolshevik regime during the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921.

Subject: Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921.
Target audience: 12+
Application: in school lessons
Pages: 72
Genre: history, elements of fiction, thriller
Format: 200x260 mm
Year: 2018
Languages: Ukrainian

created an emotional story that helped increase pupils interest in lessons and improved the level of communication between teacher and students
increasing the empathy of pupils in a history lesson on the topic of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921.

The “Lost” comic book was created by the Chornobyl Institute for Research and Development as part of the “STEP to Safety” radiation awareness and control campaign made possible by the US Department of State through agreements between the governments of Ukraine and the United States on the elimination of nuclear weapons and disposal of hazardous radioactive waste. The introduction of the campaign was preceded by amendments to the legislation of Ukraine that release a person of criminal liability for voluntary notifying about ionizing radiation sources found. Legislation mitigation simplified the process of handing over IRS but did not intensify it much as the citizens of Ukraine were not informed about the dangers of possessing ionizing radiation sources and legislative changes. That is why the main goal of the “STEP to Safety” project is to inform citizens about the consequences the possession of radioactive materials and IRS bears, teach simple and effective rules of conduct in case of contact or detection, form a proactive position to inform public authorities and emergency services about ionizing radiation sources. Only our joint efforts will we make the world safer and increase industrial radiation safety.

The adventures of a wolf living in a world of total fear, lies, and greed. Lives like a sheep among sheep. Comics in the best traditions of George Orwell's anti-utopian story about the protagonist's struggle with the totalitarian regime.

A comics book about the Courier who can bring anything and anywhere. He doesn't questions asked because he doesn't talk at all. This guy will get out of any mess. In a difficult hour, he is helped by an alter ego - a mad Pirate with a fiery red beard, who perceives obstacles as entertainment. Just be careful! Their fantasies are dangerous!

Two brothers try to survive in a city that is left almost without people but filled with Inhumans. Adolescents need to grow up faster.

The story of a journey through a ruined world by a robot working with a perpetual battery. It would seem that this journey will be endless. But who knows what might happen along the way...

Modern fantasy interpretation of the legend mentioned by Ivan Franko in the original novel by Zakhar Berkut in 1883.

In the near future, the pandemic has changed the world...

This story began many ages ago. The great ninja warrior Sensei Yamamoto of the Shiroki clan became famous for his victories ...

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